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Richard Sills has recently done a program with Harold Channer which can be viewed on YouTube.  Search:  Richard Sills

My books, The Tale of Dottie, Lanethros, Antivion and Christmas Story are now available on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com! Search, "Richard Sills" .

Richard Sills' CDs, "Our Flag" and "The Statue Of Liberty" dedicated to President and Nancy Reagan heard on radio stations across the USA on patriotic holidays, is now on itunes.com with great reviews and comments!  Go to itunes.com and search for Richard Sills. 

Richard Sills in cooperation with the Reagan Library, the Annenberg Presidential Learning Center of which he is the founding sponsor and the Reagan Museum.  Mr. Sills also funded the Reagan Hologram.

The cds which are dedicated to the Reagans, are available in the museum at the Reagan Library and can also be found under Richard Sills (as artist) on iTunes.

"Our Flag" can be downloaded free of charge from this website.  "Our Flag"  with vocal by Shirley Lemmon, lyrics by Richard R. Sills, music by Michael Leonard with Richard R. Sills as Executive Producer, was produced in commemoration of President Ronald Wilson Reagan, the Fortieth President of the United States and Nancy Reagan. 

The compact disc containing "Our Flag" and "The Statue Of Liberty" can be purchased for $4.95 from the ReaganFoundation.org museum store.  These cds make great gifts!

Richard R. Sills is the Founding Sponsor of the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Presidential Learning Center at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley California.

On December 14, 2009, Richard R. Sills was honored in a plaque dedication ceremony at the Presidential Library.

On Wednesday June 6, 2001, the back page of the Business Day section of The New York Times was devoted to Richard Sills'  "A Scientific Proof of The Existence of God"-anagrams for Earth:  "Heart and Hater" and "The Nature of Education."  Richard Sills' "A Six Point Program For a More Evolved Planet" was the subject of the entire back page of the first section of The Washington Times on Wednesday June 13, 2001.  The National edition of The Washington Times also ran a full page on "A Six Point Program For a More Evolved Planet" on June 18-24, 2001

In past years Richard Sills has appeared nationwide on television on Brand New Day, Pulpit and People, The Joe Franklin Show as well as CBS, NBC and ABC radio networks. He has also been the subject of numerous articles in New York and Palm Beach newspapers.  He has been covered nationwide by the Associated Press.  Newsweek Films covered his "Children Teaching Children" New York City program.  His children's art exhibits were given extensive media coverage in the greater New York area in the late '70s.  Richard Sills' column, "To Make a Better World," appeared regularly in The Murray Hill News.

Richard Sills ran a humorous campaign for president as the "Love and Good Humor" presidential candidate of the "Children's Party" in 1980. 

Mr. Sills always makes himself available to the media to discuss his current projects.