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                     At the National Press Club, Washington, D.C.   

Today, September 11th or 9/11, is the day we remember those who perished and the brave firemen and other first responders who worked to save them.  This is an important day of remembrance for ALL Americans, and so we will observe a moment of silence to honor them.......

It is also the day to focus on the great government of our United States of America.  We have an important election coming up, hence the focus today on my party, The Children's Party, and myself as the write-in Children's Party candidate for President of the United States and, most importantly, the children up here with me.

So you wonder, ladies and gentlemen, "Is he serious?"  The answer is HECK NO!

I'm here today to tell you that my candidacy is seriously "tongue in cheek".  The Children's Party, that I support, is all about children's suffrage and "children teaching children".  My campaign platform is entitled "A Six Point Program for a More Evolved Planet".  It promotes, as the first point, A United World Government with a World Constitution.  After the lack of success of the UN, we hardly need another beaureaucracy!  But, it's fun to think about!  And as the second point, absolute total disarmament.  Ridiculous, can you imagine settling a dispute over a chess board?  What we need is more and more nuclear bombs and guns.  Rather than get RID of armaments, we need to arm ourselves to the teeth!

The third point is a moratorium on violence in the media, where print and broadcast groups would educate the public in non-violent behavior.  Would this create a more positive and healthy emotional climate in which individuals could develop new ideas of peaceful interaction througout the world?  Yes, no, maybe.  It will never happen!

Point four is the presenting of advanced information to children in a way they could understand and enjoy learning.  What would they do in college?  Point five promotes using children as teachers.  What would the teachers' union say?  I used children to teach children in Ocean -Hill Borwnsville, an underprivileged area in Brooklyn, New York, with incredible results; the children taught each other reading and algebra using Dr. Gattegno's systems, "Words in Color" and "Cusinaire Rods".  And I let them teach each other art.  The created their own communication systems in their art.  I displayed their art throughout New York City around 1977.  And I got quite a bit of publicity.  Will it ever be in widespread use?  I doubt it.

For point six, I propose the development of anti-addictive drugs and an anti-drug society.  Will it ever happen?  I doubt it.

I support giving children the right to vote... Baby Power.  Some sort of literacy test, or letting adults vote in their behalf.  We lose our brain cells after 18 years.  No wonder we don't let children vote!

And so, ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls, remember me on November 6th as The Children's Party Presidential candidate.  Most importantly, if I am elected...I promise a Good Humor ice cream bar for every American:  adult and child; paid for, of course, by the upper 1%.  Please enjoy the cocktails and cookies, and thank you for coming.  And please take me with as sense of humor.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!