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The most accurate of proofs in science are observable proofs.  When an apple fell in his garden, Sir Isaac Newton concluded that there was some force that brought it down.  Thus, the concept of gravity was born.  when Galileo saw that the sun was not rotating around the earth through his telescopic sightings, he realized that the earth was rotating around the sun.  And of course, our recent voyages to the moon affirmed the truth of his and subsequent  observations.  Can the existence of God be proven in such a clear and obvious manner?  Is there really a God?  Of is mankind to continue questioning the existence of God and, as in the case of World relations, be polarized by the atheistic-theistic dichotomy?  The latter is a question.  However, the former can be scientifically proved in this statement with its accompanied diagram "Natures of Energies" God does exist!  Interestingly enough, the basis of the proof is the atheistic argument itself.  "If there is a God," they ask. "why is there so much suffering, violence, death and disease?  If there is a God, why doesn't he come down and change things?"  The truth of this statement is undeniable.  We do die, no matter how happy we may be, and we do suffer.  But these "facts of life" are the very proof of the existence of God!

                            THE LAW OF OPPOSITES

It is observable that everything we know of has an opposite.  Where there is black, there is white.  Where there is dry, there is wet.  Where there is up, there is down.  Where there is land, there is sea.  Where there is night, there is day.  Where there is atmosphere, there is no atmosphere (outer space.)  Where there is wrong, there is right, etc.  Therefore, when we can see no evidence of God, in the "Law of Opposites," there must be a God!  A fish in the ocean doesn't see the sky, but there is one.

In my diagram entitled "Nature Of Energies, "  I depict in scientific terms what the Bible depicts in Genesis: "Therefore, the Lord God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3:23.)"  What is being said in Genesis is clear; mankind was cast from Paradise into an existence where he would suffer and die.  "For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return (Gen. 3:19.)"  In "Nature of Energies"  I depict mankind in a negative energy field.  Mankind, at present, moving toward death and destruction; toward war.

Ironically, the very equation that can destroy mankind can save it:  E=mc Squared.  The violent, primordial energies that were our beginning ( Big Bang) have translated themselves through energy and mass (which is a form of energy) to our present time period.  Mankind makes Tyrannosaurus Rex look tame.  We can now annhilate our planet through war (or even through geological abuse.)  We are in what I call a negative energy field.  And in this negative field; Satanic if you wish, we are in the same position as the fish in the water:  we can not see God though God is there; just as there is a sky above an ocean.

To actually "see" God, we must move into the positive field; rechannel the primitive negative energies of our violent primordial past in the same way we channel wind into another direction.  To survive, we must create love through positive communication (i.e., communication that leads to positive results):  to create peace is the "Choice of Mankind."  God is real just as oxygen is real though we cannot see it in the air.  The lack of awareness of the reality of God is the proof of His existence.  The fact that we have atheists who say there is no God is the proof that there is a God.  The fact that there is a negative means there is a positive.  Polarity is the basis for science:  in electricity; in magnetism; even in atomic structure.  Where there is a negative, there is a positive.

It may take a logic leap to see it.  We must climb out of this ocean of negativity to see Him:  for He exists in the positive field:  the field is love, "God is Love"  (1 JOHN 4:16) Where there is deception, there is truth.  Where there is darkness, there is light.  God does exist!  We just need the right glasses to see Him!