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How was the universe created?  Was there anything here before?  Who created it?  How did it begin?  The only way to perceive it with out primitive minds is that it is beyond our understanding; in short a miracle.

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."-Genesis 1:1.  The concept of God is an intelligence that knows more than we do.  Is it possible for a more intelligent existence to be in the universe"  Can it be scientifically proven?  The basis for all scientific conclusions is made thought observable facts:  apply a spark to a combustible gas, and you see a flame.  The various chemical and physiological processes have caused combustion of an inert gas.  What was once harmless in a gaseous form has been converted to an energy form that can send a rocket to the stars. 

One can analyze these processes:  discuss atoms and molecules, combinations of electrons and protons, attractions between various elements creating energies from inert sources, cite Einstein's E=mc squared, but the analysis remains only theory.  Like the fact that mankind has survived and is flourishing despite the constant threat of nuclear holocaust or environmental catastrophe, as witnessed by the dinosaurs, we are in mystery about our existence.  Therefore, observable fact is our method of dealing with structuring the reality of our existence, and theory is guessing at what we do not yet know.

We do not know how we got here.  In the truest sense we really do not know how anything works, even how our human mind can send an energy impulse that moves our arms and opens our eyes as a natural process of our existence.  Is there a more intelligent existence in the universe, or are we the only ones?

When Columbus first set sail to the new world, he was trying to prove the world was round.  The scientific theory at that time was that the world was flat.  It is observable that each time mankind has striven for more information concerning his environment, he has been able to find something else.  Once the question has been asked, the answer has been found.

Is the Earth the center of the universe, or does it travel around a tiny star in a remote section, as Galileo once postulated through his telescopic sightings?  We now know, by going to the moon and seeing it for ourselves, the Earth is merely one planet in a universe where we can see no end.  On the planet Earth we have seen different levels of intelligence.  A spider can weave a web.  A dog can find his master, though his master may be far away.  A parrot can simulate the human voice and repeat various phrases.  A chimpanzee, our closest relative, can solve simple puzzles and understand verbal commands.  And, we are now in the process of establishing communication with dolphins who, it appears, have their own language.

Our observance is that there are different forms of intelligence.  But, is there higher intelligence that is elsewhere?  Galileo once looked at the stars.  One day, mankind will travel beyond them going to the billions upon billions of thermally habitable planets that we expect are in our universe, or in other universes that we can not yet perceive.

The most absolute proof that God exists is the Bible.  Like they mysteries of our creation and our existence, the Bible is a mystery.  How could one book, written about two thousand years ago, have become the basis of different cultures and survived to such importance and meaning to our present world?  The leader of one of the most powerful countires in the world, the United States of America, is a believer in the Holy book.

The Bible contains direct references to God, and presents a miraculous conceptions of God's abilities to control the environment.  Moses talks to a burning bush and parts the waters of the Red Sea.  Jesus walks upon water and gives sight to the blind.  It is irrelevant whether these stories are true.  The fact that we can read them is proof that some form of intelligence has communicated to us the conception of God and the possibilities of his power.

Is there any evidence of miracles in our present society?  What would a cave man think of a light bulb, or a remote control television set?  What would a voodoo doctor, who saw a man die, think if a pulmonary resuscitation team brought him back to life, and through a coronary bypass operation made him healthier than he was before?

To the more primitive civilizations, we are existing in a world of miracles.  Jet planes and Coke machines, while they seem ordinary to modern man, would be seemingly impossible to any ancient Egyptian, just as the creation of the pyramids are unfathomabable to our modern scientists.  In the very real sense, everything that we see around us is miraculous, beyond our understanding. 

Even the most clear concept can have many meanings.  "1X1"  while it is a simple mathematical term, becomes symbolic of romantic union in E.E. Cummings book by that name.  The Bible itself communicates ideas and images that are beyond clear definitions.  We are left to interpret all that is meant.  The simple act of communication is a transference of knowledge which gives more knowledge about the world we live in.  It can be seen as a method by which  higher intelligence can give us direction and meaning to our lives.

Examine the Bible and one will find the image that God is the all knowing father taking card of us in the best ways for our eternal happiness.  The structure of our existence makes this possibility real.  Showhow, a totally helpless infant, which we all once were, is able to live and survive in its environment, beyond its birth.  In order for it to survive, it needs an extremely complex environment to sustain its life.  To begin with, it needs to first breathe, and must be prompted to take its first breath.  It needs oxygen, milk , warmth, as well as its psychological needs for love and gentle care so it can be healthy, both physically and mentally.  The infant is entirely dependent on higher intelligence for its survival.

The observable fact is that a higher intelligence has created the proper environment for its survival, even though these conditions are completely beyond the control or understanding of the infant.  Are the doctors and nurses responsible for the survival of the infant, or does it go beyond that?  While it is true that the doctor plays his part, it is clear that he doesn't have control over all the variables:  the positioning of the child in the uterus, premature birth, sudden heart failure in the mother or the child, the ability of the child to breath air, are among the  the many variables that can end the infant's life before it begins.  The infant is dependent on more than our human knowledge for it to survive.  It needs a total environmental situation to allow it to function and grow into an adult.

The first experience of the infant is the miracle of its creation, and its survival to become adult is a miracle in itself.  Can an adult perceive his environment as a miracle?  The only way to find absolute happiness and to perceive reality as totally miraculous and under God's all knowing care is either to have this perception from birth, or to be reborn into it.  "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God."-St. John 3:3.

The mind, going through a rebirth process, can have a new perception of the complex nature of existence, and growing harmony with that existence can perceive God as a reality steering his path, in a positive way.  Thus, the Nature of Education is a divine process, a process of communication to a higher, happier and more evolved conception of existence which, somehow, we will all enter through God's all knowing infinite wisdom.  As a flower blooms in the spring, the Nature of Education is to create fulfillment:  to love to learn; and to learn to love.