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The use of spectrometry in astronomy to determine the composition of different astral bodies such as:  stars, planets, black holes, white holes; and astral events such as:  births of stars, super novas, etc. is well known in the art.  Infrared photographs, spectrometers (as examples), in conjunction with digital analysis have proved to be effective tools to analyze the gases and composition of these celestial bodies/events to the result that mankind has been able to theorize where and how our planet has evolved to our present state:  a planet filled with life:  mankind looking into the space around us and having a perception of our own existence.

I propose using spectrometry and digital processing to locate "weapons of mass destruction" and using my patented "Analog Processing System" to further analyze the visual date coming from observation satellites to locate any type of "weapons of mass destruction" whether it is biological; chemical; or nuclear, concealed or not.

A digital analysis of the visual information coming from an observation satellite through a spectrometer should be able to pick up a deviation from the norm; a signature of irregularity such as a radioactive element; or a biological warfare agent; as well as a chemical or chemicals that could be used for warfare purposes (like poisonous gases).  However, these elements can be effectively hidden by human means; disguised or shielded; buried; or encased in such a way that they, like our stealth technology, can evade detection.

The most obvious examples of hiding a "weapon of mass destruction" is encasing a radioactive substance (like plutonium) in lead and burying it underground.  A visual siting would be impossible, and the density of the lead could obscure the signature of the radioactivity leaving it virtually invisible utilizing our present day technologies.  The advantage of adding my "Analog Processing System" to the inspection process is that it can add "new" information to the equation.  Information generated by computer technology that can "see through" human attempts to "hide" the signature.

My technology can go straight to the source and identify it.

The "new" data generated by the "Analog Processing System"  can be made "useful" by training a "neutral net" to identify a radioactive "weapon of mass destruction" in this case (or any radioactive source) to fill a template incorporating mankinds' knowledge of this area (radioactivity).  By adding to the template a degree of variability that could be used to further defeat a "hider's"  attempt to obscure recognition by this further digital analysis, it would render it impossible to "hide" the radioactive substance.  "Fuzzy Logic" would be useful for this purpose.

The same methodology can be used for biological and chemical "weapons of mass destruction" and could be parallel processed if so desired.  This "Analog Processing System" application can be easily tested.  We should be able to effectively locate and map any known place where radioactive substances are located.  Further, since we have the known capability of being able to read a license plate, via our observation satellites, it would be possible to locate any "weapon of mass destruction" within that area i.e. to the size of a test tube, regardless of how one would attempt to hide it.

The key to understanding this use of "Analog Processing" technology in this application is to understand the meaning of generating "new" date and how it can be accomplished and effectively implemented.  As an example; the analog visual from the observation satellite  enters in to the computer which digitizes the data through a spectrometer (a/d) and is digitally processed.  I use the binary code-1-0-algebraically to represent the digitized visual data which is then fed into a light metallic "black box".  The electrical energy stimulates the phosphorus in the inner lining of the "black box" causing the phosphor to glow.  The light generated; randomizes the data and the subsequent "noise" (random perturbation) is transduced back into "binary" data through three diodes (as an example).  Clearly, the binary data coming out of this process is different from the binary data originally entered.  I represent this "new" binary data as-1110-0100-1001

Can this "new" data be reverse engineered?  How?  Digitally, we can copy this technology through an algorithm generating what we consider to be random.  But an algorithm is human based and potentially reverse engineered and potentially can be "fooled" by other human means,  But the "new" analog data generated by my "Analog Processing System" cannot be reverse engineered.

How can a computer generating "new" data at the possible rate of billions if not trillions of bits of "new" data a second be fooled by human means?  It can't be!  Such a devise can be a valuable tool in the inspection criteria should mankind eventually decide to eliminate all "weapons of mass destruction".  In particular, at this time, it can be used to inspect and disarm Iraq should it possess "weapons of mass destruction".  It could also be valuable for homeland security by protecting us from potential terrorists.  "Neural Nets" have been known for use in bomb detection and are currently used in airport security for that purpose.  They are particularly adept to dealing with "noisy" information and can be effectively trained to filter out extraneous data which is non-relevant (such as encasing in lead in this instance). 

The following is a statement written by one of my patent attorneys about my "Analog Processing System" discussing the use of light as an analog area: 

The present invention processes digital data by converting it into an analog signal which is then passed through the analog processor and converted back to digital.  In the analog processor, the signal encounters perturbations due to noise which will slightly alter the signal so that when it is reconverting into digital data the new digital data differs from the original.  Through a process of repeated trials, digital data can be obtained which will fit a template which is sought to be matched. 

The material for use in the analog processor could be any material through which a signal can be passed and recovered and wherein the material will intoduce noise into the signal.  For example, a resistive network would introduce thermal noise into the signal.  Another example is through a light sensing silicon circuit.  While such materials will inherently introduce perturbations, resulting from noise into the signal, the level of perturbations can be regulated by applying an external influences.  In other words, the noise added to the signal may be modulated by another signal, for instance a sine wave, which would be applied to effect modulation.  Basically, the analog processor could be any medium which would introduce perturbations, such as noise, into the analog signal and which may also be modulated.

Obviously, the level of noise would be below that which would obscure totally the original signal.  The precise level of noise to be added is application dependent. It would depend upon the degree of data deviation from that which would fit the template that exists in the original data.  The precise determination of noise level required would have to be accomplished empirically on an application by application basis.  The transfer function of the processor should be close to unity and substantially linear.  Excessive losses involved in passing the signal through the analog processor are adjusted for by amplification prior to conversion back to digital data.  The amount of amplification would be dependent upon the materials selected for the analog processor.

Most of the technology involved in the development of this technology is already in the art (shelf items).  The programming is also available and previously digitized.  My hardware can be easily developed and rapidly implemented and tested with a minimum amount of Research and Development.  I am offering this security application of my "Analog Processing System" free to the world community.


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